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Being a child of the 80's and a fan of animation, the cartoons back then have had a huge impact on me. Sometimes, when I'm feeling all nostalgic, I'll do a few searches on them so I've provided links below.

I was a big fan of shows like Alvin and the Chipmunks - involving a human being adopting 3 baby chipmunks (???) and raising them as his own. They eventually start a band and are a huge hit. Most shows ended with Dave, their dad, yelling "AAAAALVIIIIN!!". hehe

Some shows, like the Popples, were obviously about merchandise... but they still rocked. I have a peach one. They were stuffed animals who'd fold into a ball or in my one's case - a piece of fruit.

I don't know if anyone even remembers the Ewoks cartoons, but I really liked these. They were based on the Star Wars characters.

And who could forget He-man? The ultimate ball of testosterone. I actually enjoyed these as a kid, especially when they introduced She-ra. My friend across the street had nearly all the figurines!
Anyway, I could got on for pages about these, but this site isn't dedicated to this kind of stuff, so here are some links:

80's Nostalgia - Seems to have plenty of 80's stuff
- Click on "cartoons" for some video clips

Lady Lovelylocks & The Pixietails Unofficial Site - My absolute favourite, all about this show.

80's - A fun site with competitions, sadly only open to the UK

Alyssa's Care Bear Links
- A list of links collected by... well... Alyssa


80's Stuff I still have
Care Bear Plushies
A small Birthday Bear, big Bedtime Bear, Small Friend Bear and Large Birthday Bear.
Care Bear duvet cover featuring Love-a-Lot Bear.
I loved Jem & The Holograms, and still have the Aja doll (who has had one heck of a makeover and lost her clothes and hair), The Rockin' Roadster and a picture book.
The My Little Ponies I have left these days. I don't remember any of their names by heart except for Apple Jack on the far right.
My Woody Woodpecker toys, Andy Panda, Chilly Willy and the Woodpecker himself.
An assortment. Baby from Disney's Dinosaurs, a couple of trolls (their hair smells like different fruits), another Baby Dinosaur, a Bedtime Bear Care Bear and a bunch of Magic Diaper Babies (their diapers changed colours when wet with cold water to tell you whether they were a boy or girl)

I also have an old Strawberry Shortcake pencil bag and a Lady Lovely Locks doll with everything but her lovely looong hair and her pixietails. I had a thing for cutting doll's hair.... should have been a hair stylest. :-P