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Anime is Japanese animation. Usually the characters have big sparkly eys and tiny noses. I really like this style of cartoon because anything can happen. There are no rules and anime is not just for kids.

My favourite type is shoujo, which means anime for girls. I also enjoy manga - Japanese comic books. I’m also fond of Japanese video games, like the Final Fantasy series and Harvest Moon.

At the moment my absolute favourite is Azumanga Daioh... it's not amazing or exciting or anything, it's just about a group of girls going to high school together, but somehow it's just so funny and reminds me a little of my days at school. I'm reading the manga (comic) of this at the moment and somehow it's even better than the anime, didn't think it was possible.

I have to admit there's some pretty wierd stuff out there too...

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Currently Watching:

Top 10 Anime

(In my humble opinion)

1. Azumanga Daioh
2. Kodomo no Omocha (Child’s Toy)
3. My Neighbour Totoro
4. Whisper of the Heart
5. Kiki’s Delivery Service
6. Princess Mononoke
7. Chobits
8. Love Hina
9. Golden Boy
10. Marmalade Boy